DIY Car Air Freshener – For Dudes!

DIY Car Air Freshener - For Dudes

So, I made a super cool pink and black owl air freshener for my car (check it out here) and guess who was jealous? Mr. Perfect! You see, I don’t really “need” a car air freshener because I am always awesome smelling :-) – yeah right, my kids make my car smell like melted crayons and stale french fries – anyways, I digress……Mr. Perfect, on the other hand, is a whole other stinky story!

Stinky Skunk

It’s not really HIS fault that his truck is always super stinky! Mr. Perfect is just such a nice helpful man that he can’t help but loan his truck to his brother (who smells like cigarettes and engine oil) every single time he asks for it. Needless to say, something needed to be done and a pink and black owl certainly wasn’t appropriate for a red Ford F-150!

I’ve done a quick tutorial to show you how to make a “manly” car air freshener that’s totally customizable to suit your sense of smell and interests!


For me, the choice was easy – Between Mr. Perfect (the comic book nerd), the two boys, and Sassy who thinks she’s a boy – we have A LOT of Super Hero stuff circulating through the household. I knew I already had black felt so I decided to make a Flash lightning bolt and a Batman symbol.

DIY Car Air Freshener Materials

Here’s what you need:

A Template (mine was a bat symbol and a lightning bolt)

*You could totally freehand something if you’re so inclined*

Sticky-Back Felt (I also used yellow paper in between my layers)

Ribbon or Twine for hanging

Essential Oil (Manly scents, of course – see list of examples below)


Start by tracing the template (twice because there will be two stuck together) onto the back side of the felt (the removable paper side). *Keep in mind, with some images, you may need to reverse the shape or flip the template so that the pieces fit together when you stick them together*

Air Freshener Templates Traced

Carefully cut the image out. This can be done with scissors but my shape was so detailed I asked Mr. Perfect if he would help me by cutting it out with a razor knife. Notice his Avengers shirt? I told you there are lots of super hero things going around ;-)

Mr. Perfect cutting out batman symbol for air freshener

Once you have them cut out, BEFORE you remove the sticky paper, make sure the shapes match up.

Lightning Bolts Cut Out

Now, Stick them together! With my Batman one, I stuck one to a sheet of yellow paper and then cut it out and stuck the other one to the back side.

Batman Car Air Freshener

After you stick them together, use a hole punch to make a hole in the top.

Lightning Bolt Air Freshener

Now comes the fun part! Let’s make it smell good! I knew from previous soap-making experience that Sandalwood and Nag Champa mixed good to make a nice manly musk smell so I used that. You can use whatever scents you like or feel free to experiment using my list of examples below.

Oils/supplies for Car Air Freshener

“Manly” Oil Scents




Clary Sage

Nag Champa






I  mixed my oils in a spoon and used a dropper to apply them to my air freshener. I don’t really measure how many drops go on the felt. I just  sprinkle some drops all over one side of the air freshener. If it is too strong, the smell will dissipate eventually and if it’s not strong enough, add more oil!

Adding Oil to make car air freshener

Add some ribbon or twine and hang it in the vehicle! I wound up stealing the Batman one since it matched my black and yellow Jeep Wrangler!

Batman DIY Car Air Freshener

Mr. Perfect got the Flash lightning bolt in his truck!

Lightning Bolt DIY Car Air Freshener

See how easy they are to make? You can totally customize this project to fit anyone AND they are super reusable because when the smell fades, you can just add more oil (the same kind or try something different!).

Be Spunky and do it your way! Comment below and let me know how this DIY Dude Car Air Freshener turned out for you!


About the author:

I am a spunky mom of 3 crazy kids. Love doing creative crafts, sewing, clogging, and coming up with unqiue snacks and desserts.. Follow her on Twitter / Facebook.

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