DIY Glow Bubbles – Fail


My kids love to blow bubbles. As a matter of fact, so do I! Summer is just not complete without bubbles floating through the air.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could let your kids blow glowing bubbles at night time? I agree, that would be super awesome! Too bad my recipe for DIY Glow Bubbles didn’t work :-(

There aren’t really many ideas on Pinterest of how to make glow in the dark bubbles, but I did find one. I wanted to try it out myself to see if it was worth talking about. Well, I’m gonna talk about it and I’m going to let you know exactly how it failed, so you don’t waste your time and money trying the same thing.

The one “recipe” I found called for glow-sticks and bubbles. Dollar Tree here I come!

This is what I got:

Can you tell we’re Gator Fans?

Anyway, we had to wait for dark (obviously) to do our experiment. It was supposed to be easy, activate a glow stick, cut it open, pour it in the bubbles, swish, and blow…. Not exactly how it happened…

Activating the glow sticks – no problem!

Now, here’s where the first problem arose:

Have you ever tried to cut open a glow stick? Those jokers are thick! Or maybe I just got the fat ones on accident (whatever!).. Mr. Perfect had to use my giant steak knife to saw the darn thing open!

I know the pic above is hard to see (it was dark outside, duh!) but this is the blade of my steak knife after cutting open the glow stick (creepy, huh?).

Moving on, we poured two orange glow sticks into one bottle of bubbles.

Cool, huh?

Everything I read said NOT to shake the bubbles (ok, ok, I get it!), so we swirled the bottle and it looked like this:

Still cool, right?

Now, at this point, we’re thinking, “This is so cool, it’s totally gonna work!”, but watched what happened next.

While Mr. Perfect was blowing the bubbles, I was supposed to take pics of them. As you can see below, the bubbles he was blowing did not glow!

Darkness was all that could be seen!

This is where the brainstorming comes in. We thought maybe the ratio of bubble solution to glow stick liquid was not right (too much bubble, not enough glow).

I poured half the bottle of bubbles and two blue glow sticks into a mason jar to see if it would make a better combination.

Still pretty rad looking, right?

Sadly, the blue batch didn’t glow any better mid-air than the orange ones did :-( They only glow in the concentrated solution. Once they move from bottle to wand to air, they become invisible :-(

This was supposed to be such a cool experiment! Ah well, you can’t make every single thing work perfectly, can you?

If you have a “recipe” for do-it-yourself glowing bubbles (one that actually works), or a different glow bubble fail story – let me know!

Until then, daytime sunshine bubble blowing will have to do!

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I am a spunky mom of 3 crazy kids. Love doing creative crafts, sewing, clogging, and coming up with unqiue snacks and desserts.. Follow her on Twitter / Facebook.

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